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Cost Optimization

Enterprise IT

We help clients maximize the value of their IT investments. Our consultants can help your team overcome current IT Transformation & Optimization challenges to realize desired states!

We offer:

  • Technical solutions firmly grounded and articulated in business value
  • IT Business support that understands technology, competing and ever evolving stakeholder needs, governance, and maintains unwavering attention to the ultimate beneficiary of the service
  • Roadmap to the cloud adapted to your unique mission and ecosystem (from business strategy to in-cloud optimization)
  • Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence
  • Telecommunications Transformation
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    • Technical Support
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  • Data Insight

    SGM Ag-Drone

    Technology for Development

    Our Technology for Development service focuses on the selection, adaptation, and implementation of the most suitable technologies for Developing Countries, such as the use of Unmanned Airial Vehicles (UAV's) - drones in Agriculture, especially in Africa.

    • The widespread adoption of drones in agriculture has been confined to land surveillance and plant monitoring via mounted cameras and sensors, has recently expanded in small scale to include plants spraying, and most recently in a very small scale to planting forest trees.

    • SGM believes that crop planting and spraying drones can deliver a short path, low cost, low risk, minimum effort solution to cultivate fertile arable land around the World to achieve the second Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) of zero hunger, enhance the vegetation cover for a better environment, create new jobs, and reduce poverty.

    • Therefore, since the last quarter of 2020, SGM has been working on a hands-on practical proof-of-concept for the use of drones (UAV's) in planting and spraying crops.

    • We look forward to partnering with public, private, research, and international development organizations and individuals who share this vision in Africa and around the World to execute pilot projects and worldwide implementations.


    Cost Optimization

    We can support your business with cost optimization. Our unmatched consultants have a strong track record bringing tens of millions of dollars in cost reduction at top private and public firms that allowed reinvestment of savings in critical initiatives to advance their mission.

    Our process is simple:

  • Customer engagement and employee ownership
  • Baseline documentation of existing cost structure
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Identification of quick wins, priorities, and potential savings
  • Development of action plan
  • Implementation of new cost structures
  • Evaluation and documentation of actual savings
  • Designation of internal Cost Optimization champions
  • Celebration, transparency, and knowledge sharing
  • Knowledge for Development

    Knowledge for Development

    At SGM we are working to strengthen knowledge networks to upgrade livelihoods in different rural areas of the world through the adaptation and application of the most appropriate innovations and the adoption of technology infrastructures and information and communication systems.

    By getting acquainted with the reality of life in rural areas around the world with its various practices and challenges, we seek to invent ideas and products that develop people's lives, facilitate ways of earning a living, support youth to advance their communities and enhance their skills, develop their experiences, and continue their learning to implement projects with higher returns and favourable impacts more efficiently and more professionally.

    Participation from the smallest community anywhere in the world with its experiences and innovations can have a great impact in other places. It will increase the production and income of families, expand knowledge horizons, increase employment, help children complete their studies, and reduce school dropout.

    SGM is working to build a global knowledge network from the countryside of the world, be a part of it, present simple ideas as they are great in another part of the world, contribute to building products that make life easier and the world more wonderful.

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